DAISY Launch Plan



Learn how to scale your CURRENT business into the fastest growing asset class market in the history of investments: CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Forget all the naysayer shenanigans! Crypto and Blockchain is the REAL DEAL and if you’re not in, you’re CHOOSING to miss out on your equity share of the future.

If you don’t really get it, that’s fine. The world is shifting and the financial markets have made their choice as well. So, what if I told you HOW you can take your current business and match all the profit centers and economics and match those indicators into a cryptocurrency based portfolio that you can build and grow to scale and supplement the current cashflow you have?

You don’t have a business?? Even better! You can now take the information you will learn in the pages of this book and create your own consulting agency to teach businesses how to make this shift into the cryptocurrency markets with the business they are currently and capture growth and equity in an economic environment they understand because its custom built portfolio that matches their own business.

The Problem: FOMO=FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Many small businesses are losing growth because the markets are shifting and trends and models are too. This book will show you how to articulate the problem for the businesses you speak to and help them jump that hurdle with ease. Many of them see the problem and some don’t. Your agency will provide the Solution to that problem.

Many of the solutions we will reveal in this book have had 10X growth in very recent months. While most businesses are happy to grow 10% in a year. With this information you will be in the position to add MASSIVE value to your own business as well as others.

The original price for this ebook was $97 and its worth 10 times that easily!

However, we really want people to take advantage of this information and help grow the market and mass education to the businesses and people who need it!

So, for a limited time we are offering this book for only $9! That’s right.

Cheaper than a subway sandwich and you can be on your way to being a Crypto Launch Formula Consultant and truly adding value to all the small businesses around you.

YOu missed out enough. Take advantage now! We are only offering this Ebook for a short period of time before we turn it into a full blown Digital course which will sell for a minimum of $997 or more….Please don’t miss out!

Thanks in advance for believing in the future of our financial world and your action towards being a participant in the change and Growth! You’re a Super Hero my Friend! Lets go Change the World!


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