Funds Manager Position

$100.00 / month

Daisy Project Funds manager position. Come Sell our Money! $100 contribution



Do you know someone who can use $250,000?

If your talking to small businesses, guess what the easiest thing to sell a business: MORE MONEY. For Growth, inventory, expansion, franchising, whatever!

Join our Daisy Project Fund Manager team and sell our money for instant commissions AND cashflow and equity. You will be your own Private Hedge Fund. All the technology and training provided! All you’ve gotta do is Sell Money to businesses and people who need it and meet our super low qualifications. Can you handle that?? If so, you need to go HERE and sign up for more info so our team can get you set up. If you already have a personal position with Daisy, that’s fine. This is a business position focusing on 8, 9 and 10 tier client positions being added to your book of business. Serious Sales professionals preferred… Lets Go!


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