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The number one challenge to your business scaling to become the 7 figure operation that it should be: SYSTEMS!

You need a streamlined entry point for clients to enter your office, learn about what you can do for them, research your business, see the current performance results, get walked through the entire process of getting started on their journey with you. Then actually signup and fund their account and all your getting is notification from your wallet that a sales commission was earned. Bravo!

In the book, E-Myth, Micheal Gerber said,” The #1 enemy of entrepreneurs is underestimation of, and lack of immediate implementation of Systems.”

1Link is your SYSTEM. Your dedicated sales office working around the clock. One Link to your sales office and it closes the client for you.

Now what if I told you you could have that entire system working for you for only $97 a month. No signup fees, no hidden costs.

Your DaisyProjectFunds 1Link system will save you massive time and energy spent handholding each of your clients through every step of the process to get them properly positioned. That’s redundant and unnecessary…and quite honestly, irresponsible of you as an entrepreneur to operate in that fashion. Your number one goal as a business is to optimize your time, process, quality and delivery to your end user. If your handholding them through the process, your doing them a disservice for 3 reasons:

  1. Your client now thinks you’re their customer service rep and is going to now treat you like it by leaning on you for everything.
  2. Your client now thinks that’s how the business is supposed to work and will go duplicate that inefficiency.
  3. Ultimately, create an obstacle to stunt the growth of your business.

Save yourself the headache and USE THE SYSTEM!

Teach your clients and partners to lean on the system, not you.

So you can enjoy the benefits and freedom of having a BUSINESS in the first place. Not a JOB. Big Difference. Without the 1Link system, that’s exactly what you have.

Scalability: The ultimate value of the Referral Contract: $198M

The systems you implement in your mission is what makes that goal attainable MUCH faster.

The residual cashflow for trading rewards and withdrawals. The growth of these profit centers are all dependent on the choices you make RIGHT NOW regarding your SYSTEMS.

The 1LINK SYSTEM will allow you to 10X your business and advertising efforts because you will have a system in place to receive and process those leads and convert them into funded partners in your referral network. All while your enjoying your 6 month vacation, twice a year with your family. LOL. But seriously, you get the point, just get the 1LINK System. Its $97 bucks a month and life’s better, your business looks good and your off to a great start.



When you Sign up for the 1LINK System, you will also get the DaisyProjectFunds Launch Manual. This Ebook will walk you through Step by Step your first 30 days to Becoming Pacesetter (Elite Leadership pool who all receive a proportionate share of the GLOBAL CONTRIBUTION and WITHDRAWAL Commissions). As you know those first 30 days are absolutely Critical to achieve this goal. So we created a very detailed manual to absolutely CRUSH it your first 30 days and MAXIMIZE your Success Journey as a Daisy member. This Manual will show you how to truly establish fast momentum and duplicatable steps and processes so your new partners know exactly what to do to keep pace with you and make Pacesetter as well.

Our Goal is to create as many pacesetters as possible and the only way to do that is with amazing systems and processes.

Me and my team are here for you. Constantly Evolving.

We just need a few pieces of information to setup your System. Lets Go.


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