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Frequently Asked Questions

People keep asking us what the best mobile Tron wallet is to be used for Daisy.

Our recommendation: Klever Wallet

  • Klever App is a simple, secure & decentralized p2p crypto wallet for Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and other top coins, tokens and cryptocurrency assets.

Download Klever:

  • The app’s built-in secure Web Browser allows users to explore dapps, decentralized services and products at the push of a button.
  1. Daisy users will be using the Web Browser to sign up and participate in Daisy Crowd & Daisy Fund.
  2. As soon as the sign up link is released, you can grab and paste it into the Web Browser.
  3. You will find the browser in the panel at the bottom.
  4. Paste your Daisy sign up link where it says “Enter a URL” and follow the steps on the screen. Buy one package after another.

Reminder: The level of your package will determine your earning potential.

Buy Tron with Klever

  1. To buy Tron you can use the integrated Swap function. You will find the Swap icon in the lower right corner.
  2. After you have sent Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Klever wallet, you can easily Swap it to Tron.
  3. Just choose your trading pair in the upper right corner and click “Next”. Follow the steps to complete the Swap.

Note: You have to have at least one TRX on your balance before you can perform the swap.

You can also buy Tron using your Credit Card in Klever Wallet

You must use a Tron Wallet that has a built-in browser for W3 support.

Do NOT use an exchange account.

These Tron Wallets will work:

  • TronLink PRO
  • Klever

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